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Teens Talking on the TTC

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Two teens hop on the 58 Malton bus coming back from the airport.

He is wearing a baggy ensemble, cut from the pages of modern teenaged celluloid fantasy (rap music video)
She is dressed, rather simply, in a Walmart version of Lululemon Athletica

Both under 16, they are charming, guileless and they somehow do not notice that they have an audience – the entire back half of the bus sits listening, smiling faintly. There is this hilarious juxtaposition between their worldly attitude and their youth – it\’s a little like when you hear very little girls talking like grandmothers, very little boys saying things like \”We were very fortunate. We witnessed a derailment this week.\” (Rowan Ley, 6 years old,July 2004). They weren\’t snotty or rude, just very opinionated about the world of DVD\’s & gaming. At one point Ryan saw our young hero slip a game into her bag, \”All Women Wrestling\” (or something!) to borrow. Is this like the equivalent of when a guy burns you a mix CD? Does this mean he has a crush on her? On the bus, with the windows fogged over and night falling fast over the freezing streets, it is impossible to tell.

Ryan and I wiggle our eyebrows and grin when we heard these tidbits of teen thought:

Britney (scathingly) : Kirsten Dunst had her BOOBS done.
did you see her in Spider man? She was totally padded, they showed it in the extra features on the DVD.
Snoop: I like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider.
Britney: SHE was TOTALLY padded.
Snoop: I don\’t care if they\’re real or fake. I just like \’em.


Britney (unable to give up the Kirsten Dunst angle): Did you see her in \’Crazy/Beautiful\’?
Snoop: I don\’t like chick flicks.
Snoop (deadpan): But I like flicks with chicks.

(later on, Ryan overhears…)

Britney: I want to see Finding Neverland.
Snoop: Why? because of Johnny Depp?
Britney: Johnny Depp is NOT hot. He\’s like, 40 years old.

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Helen Tara Hughes is a writer, producer and actor. An award-winning theatre performer, she cut her teeth in classical and new work at major theatres across Canada, including the Stratford Festival. Her first taste of documentary work – a POV radio documentary for CBC’s ‘Outfront’ – gave her the documentary bug, and in 2009 she transitioned into Producing with the feature documentary, Goodness in Rwanda. As a writer, she has been published by, Eros Digest, and TWISI, and has a book of short stories that will be published in the fall of 2012. As a filmmaker, she creates short films based on poetic writing. She moonlights as an Asst Producer and Coordinator for documentary, factual, and independent films, and is developing a slate of her own media projects for 2013.

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  1. tara, HI-larious! i’ve told many people about these two kids. and the official generation line (too young to find johnny depp ‘hot’). i love it!


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