The Notched Wing

Helen Tara Hughes – Poetry, Fiction, Film, Phantasms


“I am in a beautiful prison from which I can escape only by writing”
Anais Nin

Be warned: This is not an autobiographical account of my life.

Remember James Frey being bitch-slapped by Oprah for misrepresenting his work?

Many of the posts contained within The Notched Wing are fictitious.
Some are true musings on the places I have been. Some are absurdities.
The characters are amalgams, smushed into a new reality.
It is my very own writer’s gymnasium, but I hope it entertains.

Most category names are taken from the common names of moths whose habitat is the Alberta countryside.

(Exceptions: the Gypsy Moth is a moth found in Ireland, the Hoary Comma is a butterfly)

Actors will sometimes refer to the butterfly as a metaphor for their process, the act of transforming oneself.

It’s an oft-used metaphor for life, and quite possibly – despite its beauty – a cliché’d one.

But if I extend the metaphor to myself, and think about the darker shades of myself in particular, a more appropriate totemic creature for my writing life would be the Moth.

The Notched Wing moth is a unique species, with its bright yellow-brown wings marked by unevenly notched margins.


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